Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain - Picture Perfect

An amazing view from the top of Grouse Mountain

A few days ago I went snowboarding over at Grouse Mountain. I always love taking the gondola up and watching the city get further and further away as you approach the snowy peak. The snow was soft and the air was crisp; it was a little cloudy out but with some breaks in the clouds. As I was shredding snow up and down for a few hours, the clouds started to part as I made my way up the chair lift. I turned towards the "Peak" hill and saw such an amazing parting of clouds that truly gave me shivers down my spine (not from the cold, I was bundled up very well) I couldn't resist but to take out my iPhone and take this image. I sat there for maybe 10 minutes simply in awe of Nature's beauty and how incredible it is to be out in the snow on the mountain; moments like these just reaffirm the joy and wonder that comes with taking a photograph.


Grouse Mountain

I hope you enjoy this image taken at Grouse Mountain as much as I did when I took it and while witnessing the beauty first hand. If you haven't been up to Grouse Mountain yet this year, I would definitely recommend going. There was also a spectacular view of the bay with the shipping vessels during sunset, however I wasn't able to do that view justice with the chairlift cords in the way. If you don't ski or snowboard, try snowshoeing; a friend of mine went and told me that the snowshoe path takes you higher on the mountain where the view is even more spectacular.

Want to know the conditions up there? Check out their website here:



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