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Speak to me of Love

Speak to me of Love

Speak to me of Love is a short documentary that we created in appreciation of an amazing woman. We have known Sandy Morgan for many years. She is a foster parent unlike any we've ever met. All the kids who come through her door, truly, become her children.

Sandy is a very caring mother with a lot of love to give and share with her ever growing family. Over the years we've had the privilege of chronicling her family through portraits.

Every time there is a new addition to the family, Sandy has a new family portrait taken. This gives her children a sense of belonging and confidence in the home and family they've become a part of.

"Speak to me of Love" is a title befitting this short documentary. Portraits speak a thousand words. The Daily Mail article below writes about parents showing their children, through family photos, that they are proud and love them. This made it all the more relevant to Sandy's journey as a mother.

Learn more about the effects of family portraits on a child's confidence and sense of belonging:

Sandy's story is one that needs to be told and shared. This is why we decided to create this little video. Through it we hopefully help change the thinking towards foster children. By doing this we hope help parents give all children the confidence, love, and sense of belonging they both need and deserve.

Speak to me of Love - Video

Over the years Sandy has raised over 17 children. The most recent addition to her family was welcomed just days before the release of this video. Once again, Sandy, is becoming a mother by giving a safe and loving home to her family.

Thank you Sandy, Jenn, Sam & Shauna for speaking from the heart.

Become a foster parent in British Columbia:

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