AndrewIn 1971 Andrew hitched a ride from Lloydminster, Saskatchewan; he was heading for Vancouver and his ride ended in Abbotsford, making it home. He worked at Clearbrook Photo Studio for a couple years then purchased the business in Cedar Park shopping centre in 1975. It was not an easy start however, with the love for the art and the perseverance to succeed, it has been a great 40 years.

He is an accredited photographer with the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC). He has been awarded Craftsman, Masters and other prestigious designations. He has studied with some of the great European photographic masters including Zeltzman, and through the years he has developed a 6th sense when it comes to lighting and composition which can be easily observed in his family portraits and body sculptures.

Today with his business partner and love of his life Arlene, along with their son, Andrew William, he continues to strive for excellence in art and photography.

andrew williamNationally accredited photographer, Andrew William has always loved working with people. Having grown up surrounded by photography he obtained a passion for the arts from a young age. He has a passion for languages and speaks fluent French and intermediate Spanish along with bits and pieces of other languages that he picked up while traveling. He spent just under 2 years working in photography on a cruise ship based out of Sydney, Australia and sailing around the South Pacific. He loves different cultures and travel, and has been to over 27 different countries to date. Videography is also his discipline and he strives to create beautiful imagery while telling your story.

arleneArlene was introduced to photography by Andrew after her graduation session in the late 70s. Arlene began her career as a Retouch Artist, and still applies the skill in digital applications. Arlene has been accredited with the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) and has been awarded with a craftsman and masters designations. Arlene's favorite photography subjects? Young children and babies of course!

She loves life, gardening, her home and her children. Her many hours with her hands in the soil is evident in our ever changing studio garden, almost all the bushes and flowers have been touched by Arlene's green thumb.

Arlene & Andrew have had the pleasure of sharing their love for the art by traveling around the world while teaching and and judging photography internationally.